Interesting facts about amaranthus flowers

Amaranthus flowers are used in various arrangements during different seasons. They are a superb addition because of their unique texture and captivating appearance. They help create a stunning contrast in the bouquet and they are also very much loved by gardening enthusiasts. If you love these flowers, here are some amaranthus facts that you may not know

Also known as

While many people refer to these plants and their blooms by the botanical name, amaranthus, they are also known as the tassel flower, prince’s feather, Joseph’s coat and pigweed, to name a few. Each of these names is indicative of the unique appearance of these flowers and the reason why they are so popular still today.

Preferred conditions

Every plant has its own preferences in terms of conditions such as weather and water. For amaranthus flowers, their ideal home should enjoy five hours of sun each day with well-drained average soil.

What to expect

When growing amaranthus flowers in your garden, you can expect them to reach as tall as 1 to 8 feet and between 1 and 3 feet in width. However, in some cases, the plant only grows to a height of 6 inches. It really will depend on the type of amaranthus and the conditions that you provide.

What we love the most

While these tassel-like flowers have an amazing impact, it’s not the only visually pleasing aspect of this plant. These plants are also loved for their foliage. The fabulous and striking colours of their foliage really set them apart from any other plant in your garden. So, even if not in bloom, this plant will still add colour to your garden.

Remember, as previously mentioned, there are different types of these plants from which you can choose. Each of which has its own individual needs and preferences. So, you should always do sufficient research before growing them in your garden. If your garden is not suitable for this plant, you can still enjoy amaranthus flowers by ordering them from your favourite florist and having them included in your seasonal floral bouquets.