Why send fresh flowers for every occasion?

When you think about the perfect gift for every occasion, beautiful blooms most certainly come to mind. If you are still wondering, why send fresh flowers? The answer is simple really. A beautiful bouquet has a wonderful way of instantly making somebody smile. It’s joyful effect will last as long as the blooms stay fresh and the memory of your thoughtful gift will also linger thereafter. If you are not sure which occasions call for fresh flowers, here are some ideas.


If you are celebrating your anniversary, you shouldn’t have to wonder why send fresh flowers. Blooms like red roses are wonderfully romantic and they are the symbol of passionate love. Roses can be displayed on their own or paired with other blooms like baby’s breath if you like. You can include foliage if desired but it’s not absolutely necessary.


Birthdays are joyful occasions and always worth celebrating. Why send fresh flowers to somebody celebrating? Well, it’s the perfect way of showing them that you are happy along with them. Remember to opt for bright colours to express your joy. Another option is to choose a bouquet that includes the recipient’s favourite flower or even blooms in their favourite colour – or both! The more personal you can make the gift, the better.


If your loved one has just graduated, this is yet another reason to order a fresh bouquet. Again, like birthdays, you should look for an arrangement bursting with colour. If you are unable to make it to their graduation ceremony, you can still let them know that you care by having the florist deliver the bouquet directly to their door.

Say sorry

We all make mistakes but saying sorry just got a little easier with the help of your online florist. Why send flowers to say sorry? Well, when you send a fresh bouquet, you will lift the recipient’s mood. You will also be able to include a note in which you can express your deepest regrets. Your florist can deliver the bouquet to their door so you do not need to worry about any difficult confrontations before you are able to let the recipient know that you are sorry.

Well wishes

If you know somebody who is unwell, you can always send a get well bouquet. When you are under the weather, fresh flowers give you a lovely boost of positive energy that will help shake those mental and emotional blues. Remember, the mind and body are very much connected. By lifting their spirits, you will also help them recover that much quicker.

Just because

You don’t always need a reason to spoil somebody special. You can send a bouquet just because you want to show them that you care. Why send fresh flowers for no particular occasion? Well, this is a great way of letting your friends and loved ones know that you really care about them. So much so, that you even send them gifts when they aren’t celebrating any particular occasion or event.

Why send fresh flowers for every occasion? Well, as you can see, a beautiful bouquet is suitable for every event and every need. All you need to do is make sure that you choose the appropriate type of flowers for that occasion as well as blooms that reflect the relationship you have with the recipient.