Should you send flowers to a funeral

When somebody experiences the loss of a loved one, your first instinct will be to express your condolences. If you are wondering whether you should send flowers to a funeral, here are some important factors to keep in mind.

Is it polite to send flowers to a funeral?

Sympathy and funeral flowers are an excellent way of showing your support. You can send a bouquet to the grieving family or you can have flowers delivered to the funeral. If you are not able to attend the funeral, you can still show your support with a flower delivery.

Types of flowers to send

When shopping for the best funeral flowers, you will notice that there are a number of different types of bouquets from which to choose. One important fact to remember is that the ‘rules’ for funeral flowers are by no means set in stone. Casket sprays, as the name suggests, are perfect for draping over caskets. Standing sprays include large blooms that are designed to be placed on stands. Wreaths, like casket sprays, can be placed on caskets as a sign of your love and respect. Another option is to send a plant that the family can take home and plant in their garden

Include a sympathy message

When you send flowers to a funeral, your florist will give you the opportunity to include a personal message. There are a number of generic condolence messages that you can send. However, the most meaningful words are those that come from the heart. So, try your best to compose a unique message of comfort and sympathy.

When you should send flowers

If you plan on sending sympathy flowers to the family’s home, you can arrange for the delivery whenever you like. If you want the bouquet to be delivered for the funeral, you should check with the funeral home for the best delivery time. You can also send blooms after the funeral as a way of offering the family support during a time when most people tend to go on with life and can easily forget about the still grieving family.

When you send flowers for funerals, you should also note that there are no specific rules in terms of colours. White blooms paired with lush foliage have proven extremely popular for many years. Of course, there are plenty of other options and one lovely idea is to choose a colour that will honour the memory of their lost loved one.