Artificial plant maintenance and care tips

Many people choose to add an artificial plant instead of a real one because they are easier to care for. You don’t need to worry about watering, pruning or tending to them as you would fresh plants. However, this does not mean that they don’t require some degree of maintenance. So, before you invest in artificial plants for your home or office, here’s what you need to know.

Direct sunlight

One of the greatest enemies of any artificial plant is sunlight. The UV rays of the sun have a way of breaking down the materials used to create these plants. First, you will notice the leaves start to fade. Then, it won’t be long before they become brittle and begin to disintegrate. Yes, some plants have UV protection but this does not last forever so you should still take care when selecting the perfect spot for your plant.

Move them around

UV rays will still have a way of entering your home no matter what you do. This is why you should move or rotate your plants regularly. This will help prevent concentrated fading. By rotating the plant, the UV rays will not strike in the same spot constantly. So, if fading does occur, it will be more even and natural-looking.


Fresh plants also require dusting but for different reasons. Your real potted plants will prove healthier if they have clean leaves. As for your artificial plant, they will take on a ‘fake’ appearance if their leaves are covered in dust. The longer you allow the dust to build up, the more difficult it will be to remove. So, make sure that you dust regularly and wipe them down thoroughly yet gently.

With these simple tips, your artificial plant will look amazing for many years to come and you don’t need to worry about it perishing or looking worse for wear. It’s also worth noting that not all artificial plants are of the same quality standard. If you want to get the most out of yours, make sure that you invest in quality products from a reputable florist.