What to remember about peony flowers

When you shop for fresh blooms, you will find a number of amazing choices at your favourite florist. One of the most popular choices are peony flowers. When you choose these blooms for your bouquet, there are a few facts worth knowing. These facts will help you care for your peony arrangement and get the most out of these blooms.

Buying in season

When shopping for peony flowers, it’s important to make sure that you understand the fact that they have a short bloom season. They only bloom between late April and June. This means that you only have a few weeks to make the most of their beauty. It also makes them that much more sought-after.

How long they last

Different flowers last for different amounts of time once they are cut from the plant. Peony flowers tend to last for approximately five days but this is why florists send them in bud form rather than fully opened. You may not get to enjoy their full beauty for a day or two but, once they start to open up, it’s certainly worth it!

Peony flower care

When you receive a bouquet of peony flowers, you can make the most of them by taking proper care of them. Here are a few easy care tips:

  • Prepare your vase by cleaning it and filling it with fresh water.
  • Add flower food to the vase water to nourish the stems and keep bacterial growth at bay.
  • Unwrap your flowers and discard the packaging.
  • Trim the stems at an angle (about 3 – 5cm).
  • Remove leaves that will end up below the waterline. Any extra plant material in the water encourages bacterial growth and this will kill the blooms.
  • Arrange your peonies in the vase as desired.
  • Choose a safe spot for your bouquet. Keep it away from direct sunlight and wind.
  • Keep an eye on the water level and quality. Top up and replace as needed.
  • Retrim the stems if you notice a slimy texture on the bottom of them.

Arranging tips

Arranging your peony flowers can be so much fun and extremely rewarding. They look particularly amazing when arranged in a goldfish-bowl since this will emphasize their round shape. Measure the stem against the height of the vase before trimming. If you plan on arranging your flowers at an angle, you should place them against the vase in the same way that they will be arranged. You can also include blooms like delphiniums, roses and lilacs to the display. If you want a fragrant display, you can also add some stocks. Of course, you can stick to an all-peony display too, if you prefer.

You can send peony flowers for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon and just because. Peonies are associated with messages of prosperity, good fortune and romance. They are also very popular wedding flowers.