What are the best autumn flower colours?

Since summer is now in the rear view mirror and we have the milder autumn months to enjoy, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh our memory regarding the best autumn flower colours. Here are some great colours and different shades to consider including in your autumn bouquets this year.


There is no doubt that orange is one of the best autumn flower colours of all time. When we think of autumn, we usually imagine pumpkins and fallen leaves which is why orange is a colour commonly associated with autumn. There are various shades of orange and different flowers produce different shades. Some of the most popular around this time of year include pumpkin orange, butternut orange and burnt orange.


This colour is wonderfully calming. Even if you cannot find flowers in this colour, you can always add accessories or choose a bronze vase in which to display your autumn flowers. This colour has a soothing and calming effect.


If you are not sure whether you should opt for red or orange, you can always choose something in the middle – rust. When choosing blooms in this colour, you should consider adding brown elements and even some gold.


This is one of the best autumn flower colours to include in the form of floral accents. You might not want to order a bouquet that consists solely of burgundy blooms but you will love how they look when paired with orange blooms.


Now this is not usually one everyone’s best autumn flower colours list but you will be pleasantly surprised! The way that this colour contrasts with the rest of the warm colours in your arrangement is simply out of this world.

Remember, planning the perfect autumn arrangement is not only about choosing the best autumn flower colours. It’s also important to make sure that you select the right foliage and accessories. Dark green foliage is ideal and there are plenty of accessories. Dried sticks and even feathers are popular. Black accessories can be included when Halloween comes around. Black and pumpkin orange look amazing together! Remember, when you feel like you are running low on inspiration, you can always look for flowers online.