How containers affect the style of a flower arrangement

At times, the toughest choice to make when buying flowers is the style of the arrangement itself.  If you have no idea of the type of flowers to send, then you may end up spending more time shopping around than you may like.  By gaining a better understanding of what you want versus what you don’t want, it will help you narrow down your options and make it much easier to decide.  There are several factors that will likely influence your decision.  By using a process of elimination, you can continue to narrow your options down until you find the perfect gift.  Now, what you might not know is just how important the container for your flowers can be.  In fact, the container will determine the size and shape of the bouquet along with other important criteria.


So, the first step you need to take is to think about where the intended recipient may wish to put their fresh flower delivery on display.  This is really easy when you order flowers for yourself but when you send flowers to somebody special, you might not know exactly where they are likely to place them.  If you are ordering a bouquet for yourself, you should choose a tall, vertical bouquet to be displayed in a corner or, alternatively, a small round posy can be placed on your coffee table.  Horizontal arrangements look great on dining room tables and they can help brighten up the whole room.  If you are planning on sending a bouquet to somebody, you might not always know the style of their home or the best place to put flowers on display.  In this case, you can choose a basic and simple, medium-sized arrangement in a vase.  The arrangement should not be too large or too small.  This will make it more versatile and the recipient should have no trouble finding the perfect spot to put it on show.


Depending on the style of the bouquet you need, you will need to choose the appropriate vase or container.  There are so many different options so be sure to take your time when making your selection.  Horizontal arrangements can not be placed in a vase, for obvious reasons.  They will need to be placed in some floral foam which will need to be secured to a plastic tray to prevent the table or tablecloth from getting wet.  Vertical arrangements will need to be placed in vases and the size of the vase will need to be appropriate for the size of the flowers and the length of their stems.


If you want a container to suit a country style or more rustic environment, you can use a brass vase, a silver pale or other brass or silver items like a watering can.  For a modern theme, contemporary vases are best.  These vases are often tall, thin and come in basic colours like black or white.  All you need to do is place just a single flower in this kind of vase and you are all set!  These bud arrangements are ideal for small spaces as well as tight budgets!  They can also be used to decorate your dinner table along with a candle for a romantic evening with your partner or love interest.  In general, the best way to pair a vase with a flower is by choosing a vase that is 1/3 to ½ the height of the bouquet.  The vase also needs to be wide enough to accommodate all of the stems without crushing them against one another.


Another important factor to consider is whether or not the container can store enough water for the bouquet.  When adding water to any vase, you don’t want to completely submerge the stems.  You only want to make sure that the bottom parts of all the stems are always in fresh, clean water.  So, if you have any short stems that are propped up, remove them rather than trying to overfill your vase or leave them to dry out.  If you are using a shallow container, you should use floral foam to keep all of the stems in place and to serve as a source of water and nutrients.


Remember that, if you are ever in doubt about the kind of vase to send, you can always send a clear glass one.  Clear glass vases look great in any home and they are absolutely timeless.