Romantic roses for your Valentine

When you shop for Valentine’s Day flowers, you will notice that many bouquets consist of romantic roses. The language of flowers is an old tradition and every bloom sends a unique message. The colour of the flower also helps determine its meaning. Before you choose a bouquet, here are some important points to keep in mind so that you do indeed send the right message this year.

The number one choice

Red roses are the number one choice for Valentine’s Day which means that, if you wait too long to place your order, you might find that supplies will run out. For this reason, you will need to get our order for these romantic roses in early.

Romantic red

The most romantic roses of all are those of the red variety. This is because the colour red is associated with romance, love and passion. The colour red is also used in various romantic gifts like balloons and cute stuffed animals.

Count your stems

Apart from the type of flowers you choose and their colour, the number of romantic roses that you send will also further define the meaning of the bouquet. A single roses sends a message of “ love at first sight” while six roses means that you wish the recipient to be yours. Six red roses will, therefore, be a lovely gift if you are trying to declare your love to your crush.

For long-term relationships

If you are already in a long-term relationship or if you are married, you can always send a bouquet of 9 red, romantic roses. This bouquet sends a message of eternal love and will certainly impress your lucky Valentine.

Numbers to avoid

Just as there are numbers that will send a thoughtful message, so too are there some numbers you might want to avoid. If you send fifteen romantic roses, this will also send a message of regret or apology. This number of stems will be suitable if you find yourself in the doghouse with your loved one.

Remember, when you send romantic roses, you can also ask your florist to include something special like delicious chocolates, a bottle of bubbly or a bright balloon to make your romantic gesture that much more impressive and memorable.