Weddings with a touch of gold

Wedding themes are created by incorporating several important elements. From the flowers and colour scheme to decorative accessories, your big day needs to be carefully planned and coordinated. That said, there are some colours that are as desirable as they are tricky to pull off. Gold is one such colour. It’s extremely elegant and it adds that touch of sparkle. Of course, flowers and foliage come in various colours but not gold. So, how can you possibly have a gold wedding if you can’t order gold flowers? Well, there are a number of great options.
Firstly, you can ask your florist about spray painting a few flowers and/or foliage in the arrangements. Remember, you do not want to overdo it. The gold flowers and leaves are supposed to act as accents or accessories rather than the main attraction. It’s this understated approach that will make them that much more effective in the end!

If you don’t like the idea of spray painting fresh flowers, you can also ask your florist about the possibility of adding gold artificial flowers to the arrangements. Make sure that these flowers are of the highest quality so that they blend in well with the rest of the arrangements.

Alternatively, you can use all natural flowers and foliage along with gold accessories like beads, wire designs, and so on. These little accents are much like the jewellery you wear to compliment your outfit. So, make sure that they are appropriate in size, quantity, and the way in which they are positioned.

Don’t only add gold to the arrangements and bouquets. Make sure that you further emphasize the gold colour scheme by using other gold accessories on your tables. For example, you can use plain white crockery with gold detail painted on them. Similarly, you can use regular clear glasses with gold decorative patterns printed on them. Gold candles can be used instead of white and don’t forget to use gold overlays on your tables too!

Remember, the best way of making sure that your gold accents will stand out is by using a neutral foundation. In other words, use white or off-white flowers, a touch of foliage, and gold accents and accessories here and there.