Wedding flowers that help break tradition

While some might think of weddings as traditional events, this does not mean that you need to stick to tradition completely. By making adjustments to things like your décor, menu and wedding flowers, you can really spruce things up without completely doing away with tradition. When choosing your pretty blooms, it’s important to consider such factors as colour, design and theme. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect choices for your big day.

Colour selection

Traditional wedding flowers would have to match the main colour scheme of the event but this is no longer the case. For example, bridesmaids can each wear a different colour and you can use several different colours in your centrepieces. The bride’s bouquet can also include multiple colours to help it really stand out and make sure that there is no single colour in the decorative scheme. Of course, if you would like your flowers to be neutral, you can always opt for white or black and white arrangements while you add colours in other areas of the ceremony and reception areas.

Different styles

Usually, when shopping for wedding flowers, you will browse for bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnières and, of course, centrepieces. As far as the handheld bouquets are concerned, you don’t have to go with a full-sized bouquet. Instead, you could have your bridesmaids each carry a single, long-stemmed flower like a rose. You can also add flowers to their hair so that they can carry some blooms wherever they go.

Spruced up design

The shape of your bouquets and centrepieces will also help you transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Instead of the usual centrepieces, why not opt for a tablescape? You could even display an elaborate arrangement that spells out the initials of the bride and groom. Set these blooms in front of their table for the evening for everyone to see.

If you are looking for fun ways of decorating your reception area, you can always search for wedding flowers online. You can also ask your florist for some ideas. Flower experts are always privy to the latest trends as well as anything that has gone out of style.