Why Flowers Rule!

I remember growing sunflowers as a kid and they seemed to sprout overnight, sunflowers would define summer for me with their cheery, bright, sunny flower.

Flowers have a way of doing that, defining things. They began changing the world almost as soon as they appeared on Earth which was about 130 million years ago (which isn’t too long ago when you think in geological terms). Today flower bearing plants outnumber ferns and conifers (which have been around for about 200 million years more) by 20-1. Flowering plants provide both us and animals with a great food source containing many nutrients that are key to our survival. Botanists have said if it weren’t for flowering plants we wouldn’t even be here. They have inspired many paintings, poems and peace in people.

From great oak trees to tropical palm trees, from calming water lilies to wildflowers and from cornfields to vineyards right to your average back garden. The massive change when flowering plants came about represents one of the greatest moments for our planet. Flowering plants produce seeds that are encased in the carpels of the fruit to protect and nourish them as opposed to conifers whose seeds are produced in open cones. This is their great innovation and why they dominated the world’s flora so quickly.