Wedding flowers for an intimate event

Due to restrictions and current concerns, you may not be able to have the grand wedding you once dreamed of. Fewer guests does not mean, however, that you cannot create a memorable event. With fewer guests, you will no longer require a large venue and this means that your floral needs will also change. Here are some tips to help you choose wedding flowers for just such an intimate event.


Each table, no matter how few, should be decorated with your choice of wedding flowers. Since you will have fewer guests, you will most likely need smaller centrepieces for each table. Therefore, you should choose smaller blooms and avoid large or extremely tall stems. Modest displays may include roses, daisy-like blooms, carnations and smaller filler flowers. Small lilies are also great or you can include oriental lilies as focal blooms. When used as focal flowers, you only need an uneven number of stems such as one, three or five. In this case, you can create a gorgeous and compact centrepiece by placing a single lily in the middle along with a few roses and carnations in contrasting colours.

Hanging displays

Wedding flowers can also be suspended in order to add colour without taking up space on tables. One such example comes in the form of a floral ball. All you need is a selection of silk flowers arranged in Styrofoam balls. Suspend these from the ceiling and add ribbons if you like. Since they are suspended, you don’t need to worry about flowers ‘looking fake’ or unrealistic. You don’t even need to opt for the most expensive artificial blooms. While you don’t want the cheapest plastic flowers, you can choose something mid-range and it will look great without looking fake or cheap.

Entrance hall

Flowers in the entrance hall of the reception will let your guests know that they are welcome. In this area, you can set a table with a guestbook for all of your guests to sign and leave a message for the newly weds. Set a small arrangement on this table and, depending on the size of the room, you can also have your florist create a frame of wedding flowers in which you can insert a large photo of the happy couple.

Corner or wall arrangements

Corners are often neglected when it comes to d├ęcor so you should have your florist design wedding flowers that can be set on side tables or stands. Place these arrangements in the corners of the room to add even more colour without taking up space on the dance floor.

When placing your order for wedding flowers, make sure that you order your bridal bouquet and any additional stems you may need to place in your hair too. You want all of your blooms to match the theme and colour scheme of your wedding.