Wedding flower mistakes to avoid

When it comes to planning your big day, there is nothing we wouldn’t give to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. From food to flowers, your wedding is but one day and it should be remembered with utmost fondness. When ordering your wedding flowers, it’s good to avoid these common mistakes.


Failing to see the full picture

When ordering your flowers, you must think of the setting of your reception before choosing the style of your centrepieces. For example, if your reception area offers superb views, then you would not want to obstruct the view with tall flower arrangements. Likewise, you don’t want to make it difficult for your guests to make eye contact with one another. Take a moment to imagine yourself as one of the guests and then choose a style. If need be, show your florist photographs of the venue and ask for their input.


Distrusting your florist

When you choose a florist, you need to put your faith in them. That said, the best way of setting your mind at ease by choosing a reputable florist. Once you have placed your flower order, it’s time to let them do their job.


Not reusing flowers

The flowers used in the ceremony need not be left behind. You will only need them for a couple of hours, at most. Once the ceremony is done, don’t let them go to waste! Have some of your trusted friends or family transport these flowers to the reception so that they can add even more colour and extend their purpose.


No compromise

Brides often set their hearts on specific flowers in specific colours. It’s important that you are willing to compromise. Not only due to budget but also availability. If you have certain flowers in mind, your florist might be able to make suggestions for substitutes.


Saying no to expensive flowers

Cheap flowers and expensive flowers both have their place. While a bunch of peonies may cost more than a bunch of lilies, it’s sometimes worth adding a few stems to each bouquet or even your bridal bouquet just to make it stand out above the rest.


Lack of communication

Communicating with your florist throughout the process leading up to your wedding is essential. Tell your florist exactly what you like and also let them know what you don’t like. If you don’t like a particular flower, let them know so that they don’t include it in any of the arrangements. You also need to provide them with clear flower delivery instructions and details.


Choosing one single colour

The old way of planning weddings involved matching the flower colour to the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Today, we see more and more brides choosing a different colour dress for each bridesmaid and so, you can also use a variety of floral colours to compliment them.


Using flowers with a strong perfume

Flowers with strong scents might seem like a good idea at first but they can be a bit much. Apart from affecting those with sensitivities, they can also affect the way the food tastes since we “taste” with our nose as well as our tongue.


Neglecting wedding flowers

Even though you don’t plan on using the flowers for days or weeks, it’s good to take good care of them so that they hold up throughout the wedding festivities. Make sure that they are all provided with plenty of water to get them through the night. Particularly if they are thirsty flowers.


Doing too much yourself

You have hired a florist for a reason – it should be their job to put the flowers together, deliver them, and put them on display. If you try to do too much yourself, you can end up biting off more than you can chew and the result could be a less than desirable result.


Placing your order to late

When planning your wedding, make sure that you order your blooms on time. Ordering in advance ensures availability and your place on your florist’s list of priorities. They will be well prepared to provide you with the flowers you need.