What to expect from a flower workshop

When you hear the word ‘workshop’, it’s usually the work part that stands out the most. What many people don’t realise that there is plenty to learn and lots of fun to be had when you sign up for a flower workshop.

Learn new skills

When you attend a flower workshop, you will learn a bunch of great ways of arranging fresh flowers. Even the most basic of techniques can have a dramatic impact on the end result. For instance, you will learn about flower colour, how to create balance and contrast as well as how to properly cluster your blooms. In some arrangements, it’s best to keep each stem evenly spaced apart from the next stem of the same variety. Today, we have seen a shift in this way of thinking. There are plenty of fabulous designs that call for clusters of flowers and foliage that are positioned in just the right places.

Learn about flowers

During the flower workshop, you will learn about the flowers and foliage that you are working with. It’s good to know as much as possible about them when creating any type of bouquet. It is especially handy when you want to make sure that your bouquet lasts as long as possible.

Unlearn common myths

Just like all things in life, there are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to flowers and flower arranging, During the flower workshop, will learn the facts and separate them from the fiction that you may have once believed. This is important for the health of your blooms as well as the beauty of the display.

A social event

A flower workshop is not just an opportunity to learn. It is also a chance to mingle and meet new people. It’s a great social event and it’s a lot of fun. Many people agree that it is a beautiful escape from their daily stress and worries. Flowers are very soothing so, working with them is also a calming experience.

Put your own flowers to great use

Once the workshop is done, you will be able to put your newfound knowledge to great use! You can take a look around at the flowers in your own garden and come up with some fabulous designs all on your own.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder more and more people are signing up. You too can enjoy these advantages by keeping an eye open for a flower workshop near you! Remember, these florists often host various workshops so you can sign up for several each year. Be sure to take notes on everything that you learned during each workshop and soon you will have your very own book on floristry!