Violet flower gifts for February

Every month of the year is associated with a different flower. The violet flower is the bloom of choice for February and it will surely brighten anyone’s day no matter the weather outside! Read more to find out about the meaning of these blooms and how you can use them to celebrate a loved one’s big day.

Flower meaning

The violet flower is associated with truth and loyalty as well as humility and modesty. Another important fact to remember is that the birthstone associated with the month of February is amethyst. This means that the colour of the stone and the colour of the flowers are extremely similar which just underlines the suitability of this floral gift. Years ago, violets were used to treat various ailments. Today, however, they are enjoyed for their beauty.

Flowers or plants

If you are not sure what type of arrangement to send, the violet flower will give you plenty of versatility. Sure, you could have your florist include these blooms in a cut arrangement. However, you could also opt for a potted plant instead if you would like a floral gift that will last longer than just a few weeks.

Violet-themed gifts

Apart from the violet flower itself, you can step up your game even more by choosing violet-themed gift items. Lotions, soaps, scented candles and similar items are all great to include with your birthday gift and they will all suit the theme and colour scheme of your gift.

Party décor

If you wish to host a birthday party for somebody special, you can use your knowledge of the violet flower when choosing the appropriate decorations. Violets tend to be darker in colour so you should ensure that there is a light (white or off-white) backdrop to highlight their beauty. You don’t need too much colour as long has you have these two contrasting shades. You can add some greenery, of course, but your main colour should be purple with a strong light background. You can decorate each table as well as the buffet table if you are not serving a plated meal.

Now that you know more about the violet flower and how you can present it to a friend or loved one on their birthday, the only thing that’s left to do is shop around! Check with reputable florists and make sure that you get your order in early to avoid disappointment.