Best plants for small spaces

Small spaces in your home or office can be particularly difficult to decorate. Especially when you want to add some life in the form of potted plants. Most plants are small when they arrive but they tend to outgrow their pot and special corner in your home which means that you constantly have to rearrange your décor. If you are looking for plants that are suitable for smaller spaces, here are some great ideas.

The first tip is to opt for sporadic plant décor. Choose smaller plants and place them in various places to add splashes of green here and there. In other words, instead of one large plant in the room, you can enjoy several small plants.

When buying a plant, make sure that you understand just how large it will grow. As mentioned above, most plants are cute and small when they arrive (kind of like a puppy) but they grow into large plants that will take up a lot of space in no time.

It’s also a good idea to think outside the box in terms of where to place plants. When displaying plants, we usually think about tables or even putting them directly on the floor. Your ceiling can also hold plants if done right. You will need to choose the appropriate plants (hanging plants) for such locations and, although you are using the ceiling, you should still place them around the edge of the room or in a corner where they will not interfere with the light or make movement in the room difficult. Some of these hanging plants can grow quite long which is lovely provided you don’t have to duck down every time you want to walk from one end of the room to the other! Hence the corner location is ideal.

Your living room is not the only room that can benefit from some greenery. You can also decorate your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Plants used to decorate your bathroom should enjoy humid environments whereas kitchen plants can be just about anything as long as they are not toxic. If you want your plants to serve a dual purpose, why not decorate your kitchen with a mini herb garden?

If your home or apartment has a terrace or balcony, then you can also make the most of this space by adding some potted plants. Keep in mind the fact that winter will eventually arrive and you may need to place your plants indoors during the colder months. For this reason, you should never overdo it and always plan an indoor home for your plants if you want them to survive the winter.

Finally, if you are looking for the ideal, low-maintenance plant that will thrive in just about any home, you can’t go wrong with succulents or cacti! They require minimal care and they grow at a far slower rate than other plants which means that it will take them years to outgrow their pot.