Flowers to avoid for Valentine’s Day

When you think about fresh flowers to send for Valentine’s Day, you usually imagine any red flowers, red roses, or even pink flowers. That said, many people like the idea of something less than conventional. Of course, if you want something different but you don’t want to send the wrong message, you should avoid the following flowers for Valentine’s Day.

The first thing to remember is that you should send fresh flowers with buds that are partially opened. Avoid flowers with tightly shut buds since they might not open at all. Fully opened flowers tend not to last as long as we would like which is why they should also be avoided.

A popular alternative to roses for Valentine’s Day are carnations. Red carnations are perfect but you should be careful of any other colours. Striped or yellow carnations are symbols of disappointment which is why they are not suitable for this romantic occasion.

Another alternative to red roses is roses of another colour. Yellow roses represent friendship which means that you should only send these for Valentine’s Day if your Valentine loves yellow roses in particular. Pink roses are great if you want to send a message of love without all that passion.

Hyacinths are the symbol of jealousy which is not the kind of message you want to send for Valentine’s Day. Daffodils represent vanity and some lilies also have negative meanings like pride. You might send them if you are proud of somebody but pride is not a particularly romantic sentiment. Lilies symbolise death in some cultures so it’s important to make sure that you understand the meanings associated with the flowers you send.

Finally, don’t forget about the recipient’s preferences. Their preferences are always more important than anything else. Their favourite colour and favourite flower all play a role in choosing the perfect bunch.