Versatile flowers that look great in any arrangement

Different types of blooms look good in different settings. If you are trying to choose the floral décor for a special occasion, you want to choose the right colours and the right types of blooms. There are, of course, some versatile flowers that will look good no matter what. Here are some examples of blooms that will never let you down.


Peonies are versatile flowers that are known and loved for their abundant petals and luxurious beauty. They are large enough that you will only need a few stems to create an impressive display. They make excellent focal flowers and can be paired with a number of other flowers. They are popular as part of handheld bouquets as well as centrepieces. Remember, they have a fairly short blooming period so you will need to plan ahead if you want to use them.


Probably one of the most popular of all fresh blooms, roses are available in just about every colour you can think of. If nature doesn’t offer a particular colour, like blue, roses can always be dyed to suit any colour scheme. These versatile flowers make fantastic focal and mass flowers. If you like, you can even display them all on their own.


No matter the type of proteas you choose for your bouquets, you can be sure that they will always steal the show. These are impressive blooms because they are large in size and unique in appearance. With plenty of different colours and striking colour contrasts in each bloom, you will also notice that they have a fascinating texture. Proteas are versatile flowers that will help you create the most impressive handheld bouquet or centrepiece that will get guests talking.


If you are looking for versatile flowers that add beauty and a sweet scent, you should add lilac to your arrangements. They work very well as mass or filler flowers and can be paired with just about any other type of bloom. You can add a cluster of these stems to one corner of your arrangement for a secondary focal point. Alternatively, you and add a few stems here and there.

These are a few fantastic options for versatile flowers that will help set your arrangements apart from all the rest. Remember, if you are planning an important event like a wedding, you should most certainly take the time to consider including one or more of these blooms in your décor.