Lovely varieties of lilies

Lilies are known for being one of the most important blooms for florists. When you search for flowers online or look around your local florist, you will notice that there are several types of lilies available at any given time. This is because of their beauty, superb colours, amazing texture, and of course their sweet scent. While flowers like roses might all look really similar, when it comes to lilies, each type can vary greatly from the next.

Oriental lilies start out as bulbs and there are a number of lovely hybrids available today. These hybrids were develop to harness the very best qualities of each flower while eliminating weaknesses or vulnerabilities to pests. In the process, many new colours were also developed and they often include several blooms on a single stem. Oriental lilies have particularly lovely petals with the inner part being dark and the colour gently fading towards the edge of the petal. They are known for having a lot of pollen which is why many people opt to have the pollen removed before displaying such a bouquet. Casa Blanca and Stargazer Lilies are both top choices for home d├ęcor as well as special occasions like weddings.

The Asiatic lily is another top choice and some examples include Dawn Star, Enchantment, and Corsica. The Easter Lily is also of the Asiatic variety and it is known for its gorgeous white petals. Just like other types of lilies, Asiatic lilies bloom during the warmer months of summer.

Trumpet lilies get their name from the shape of this beautiful flower. They are popular with florists and gardeners alike. They bloom later in the season and they are one of the easiest lilies to grow. Golden Sceptre and Ortega are two examples of trumpet lilies.

As for hybrids, trumpet lilies and oriental lilies were crossed to create a new type. Some examples of this type of lily include Caravan, Anastasia, and Belladonna lilies. Thanks to these techniques, we can help create new blooms that are that much more resistant to pests and disease.