How to keep your peonies pretty

Peonies are delightful flowers to display anywhere in your home or office. They are fairly large blooms and they are perfect for all settings – both home and professional. If you order or receive a bouquet of peonies, you will want to make them last as long as possible. Here are some care tips to keep your peonies pretty.

Start by filling a vase with fresh water and add flower preserve as per the package directions. Make sure that the flower preserve dissolves completely before adding flowers. You will need to prepare each stem before placing it in the vase. This involves trimming each stem at an angel using a sharp cutting instrument. You can also remove any lower leaves while you’re at it. You want to keep the amount of plant material under the water to a minimum.

Now place your peonies in the perfect spot. This means that you need to avoid direct sunlight, wind, heat, and air conditioners. Keep an eye on your flowers each day. The vase water needs to be changed every three to four days. When you do, add some more flower preserve to the water. This is to feed the flowers and slow the bacterial growth in the water.

The flowers will also need to be cut every few days. Cut about an inch of the bottoms of the stems to create a fresh new surface for water and nutrient absorption. Take the time to inspect all of your flowers and, as soon as they start to wilt, you should remove the wilting bloom from the vase. When a flower starts to perish, it will cause the rest of the flowers to die if it is not removed.