Valentine’s Day flowers on a budget

Shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers when you are on a tight budget might seem like an impossible task. However, there are a number of excellent options from which you can choose in order to make your loved one smile and without letting them know that you went bargain hunting.

Red roses

Red roses are known as the most popular of all Valentine’s Day flowers. This is one of the reasons why they tend to be a bit more expensive around this time of year. Now, instead of going all out and sending a lavish bouquet of 40 or 50 red roses, you can opt for something a bit more modest like a dozen stems or even a single perfect red rose in a decorative vase.

Other red blooms

If roses are out the question, for whatever reason, there are still plenty of fabulous red blooms from which you can choose. Some of the best red Valentine’s Day flowers include carnations, tulips and even gerbera daisies. Take a look at the bouquets that your florist has to offer and take your pick. Some bouquets contain a wide variety of red blooms which is lovely since they are rich in texture too.

Alternative colours

It’s also a good idea to consider different colours. For example, pink is a lovely colour and it will express your affection in the most beautiful way. Pink is also an excellent choice if you are in a new relationship or if your Valentine loves the colour pink. Many flowers are available in this colour which also makes it that much easier to find a stunning yet affordable bouquet.

Discounted bouquets

It’s always worth browsing the cheap flowers section if you need to save money on Valentine’s Day flowers. These bouquets are discounted or they may include other great options like free chocolates which makes the overall cost of your romantic gift that much lower.

Bundle options

Bundles that include flowers, chocolates, a balloon and even a bear can help you save plenty of time and money. Instead of buying each item separately, look for bundles or combo options at your favourite florist. These gifts include everything you need and they will all be delivered together.

There are some of the top tips to ensure that you send fabulous Valentine’s Day flowers this year without breaking the bank. No matter the type of bouquet you choose, remember that you should always include a personal message in the card attached. Use this card to let the recipient know just how much they mean to you.