Calla lily colours and meanings

The calla lily is one of the easiest flowers to identify thanks to their unique appearance and shape. They also have a distinct sweet smell which is yet another reason why these blooms are so popular. For the most part, many people do not really know what these flowers represent. Another common misconception is that these flowers are only available in white. Yes, white is the most popular colour but there are other choices too.

The meaning of the calla lily

The name calla lily is actually derived from the Greek word for beauty. It is also worth remembering that, during the 19th century, something called the flower language was extremely popular. It was a means of communicating specific feelings and intentions without expressing them literally. Instead, each flower had a meaning and this is how you would deliver messages to somebody special. When it comes to the calla lily, this flower plays a significant role in Easter celebrations. It is the symbol of Christ’s resurrection and, for this reason, it can be found in many famous paintings that depict the Virgin Mary or the Angel of Annunciation. This is why the flower is associated with faith, purity and holiness. Since they bloom in the spring, they are also seen as a symbol of rebirth and youth.

Various colours

As previously mentioned, the calla lily is not only available in white. There are several other colour options including yellow, purple, pink, orange, green and even black. These colourful varieties are, in fact, mini calla lilies and they each have their own meaning. White callas send a message of innocence and purity while pink is associated with appreciation and admiration. Purple callas symbolise passion but can also be associated with royalty. The yellow variety is associated with several meanings. The most popular of which is gratitude while black callas are undeniably elegant and mysterious.

The calla lily is often used during various occasions. The white variety is popular for weddings because of their association with divinity. This flower is also the traditional bloom associated with the 6th wedding anniversary. It is also worth remembering that white callas are also used at funerals and memorial services. This is done as a way of symbolising the purification of the lost loved one’s soul. It is a sign of respect and remembrance. Which just goes to show how versatile this flower is since it can be used for happy and, not so happy occasions alike.