Valentine’s Day flower party favours

If you want to make great Valentine’s Day favours for party guests or even for your kids to hand out at school, you will love this! These are easy to make and they need not cost a fortune! This is a potted design but, if you cannot find pots at a reasonable price or if you are strapped for cash, you can simply decorate the lollipops and leave it at that.

You will need:

  • Lollipops of your choice
  • Mini plastic pots
  • Mini polystyrene ball (golf ball size)
  • Two paper flowers (basic five petal design you can cut out yourself)
  • Artificial grass (or green shredded cellophane)
  • Red paint and glitter if you like
  • Glue
  • Green ribbon


  • Cut your flowers out of pink or red paper to suit the Valentine’s Day theme. They should be about 2 ½ inches in diameter.
  • Cut a cross in the centre of one flower and cut one of the petals off the other flower and then fold this second flower around and glue together the two petals that meet.
  • Cut the bottom of the glued flower so that you can fit your lollipop through the hole.
  • Roll the edges of this flower using a small marker. Roll them out and down.
  • Roll the edges of the other flower too so they are nice and curled.
  • Insert the lollipop into the smaller glued flower from top to bottom. You will insert the stick all the way until the lollipop sits nice and snug in the flower. You might need to rotate the flower to get a good fit without breaking the flower.
  • Add glue to the bottom of the flower that’s already attached to the lollipop.
  • Insert the other flower up along the stick and secure in place.Make sure that the petals of each flower alternates so that you get a full flower effect.
  • Tie a piece of green ribbon around the stick and knot it. Trim and you have leaves. If you want to attach a tag to the ribbon, you should do so before making the second knot.
  • Paint the pot red and feel free to add glitter if you like.
  • Wrap the artificial grass around the polystyrene ball and glue to the pot. Trim the grass so that it’s not overflowing.
  • Stick your lollipop in the polystyrene ball and display or give to somebody special!