Send retirement flowers and plants

If one of your employee, co-worker or a loved one is retiring, this is an occasion that you do not want to miss. Now is the time to celebrate all of their hard work by sending retirement flowers and other gifts. Not only will your gift brighten their day, but it is also an excellent way of expressing your appreciation.

Types of retirement flowers

When sending blooms to celebrate their retirement, you should consider the recipient. For women, you can send just about any type of flower and the bouquet can have almost any colour scheme. For men, on the other hand, you want to make sure that the bouquet has more of a bold appearance or something neutral like white blooms. Bold colours include dark blue, red, yellow and orange.

Potted plant options

Apart from retirement flowers, you could also consider a retirement plant. The recipient might be spending their days at home from now on but this does not always mean that they will not be busy. They might like to travel, for example. So, you want to make sure that you choose a plant that will not require too much special care. Succulents, cacti and snake plants are all wonderful options since they are so easy to grow and they have a unique appearance.

When to deliver flowers and gifts

If your business is currently operating remotely, you will want to have the retirement flowers or potted plant delivered to their home. You should have their address on file but it doesn’t hurt to call and double-check. You don’t have to wait until they have officially retired before you send a gift. Just don’t wait too long after their retirement to show your appreciation.

Some things to avoid

Remember, when it comes to retirement flowers, you want to make sure that you avoid bouquets that could come across as romantic (like red roses). If you want to play it extra safe, order a mixed boquuet from your favourite florist. The variety of flowers and colours will ensure that you do not send the wrong message.

Optional extras

When placing your order, don’t forget to look out for optional extras that can be included with your flower order. These include champagne, luxury chocolates and balloons. You may even like to shop around for a combo gift that includes several gifts along with a beautiful bouquet. These combos are often far more affordable and you can be sure that the lucky recipient will thoroughly enjoy their gift!

It is so important to mark this occasion with the right retirement flowers and gifts. It will make the recipient feel like they were valued. You should also include a personal message in the card that will be attached. This card will be a lovely keepsake that they can read from time to time as they remember their working days.