Halloween flowers for fun decor

Halloween decor isn’t limited to spooky spider webs and flying ghost-shaped sheets. If you’re looking for something a little fancier but want to stay true to the theme, there are many ways to use fresh Halloween flowers to brighten various rooms in your home.

Types of flowers and colours

Orange and black will be your main colour scheme for Halloween flowers. While you may not find naturally black flowers, you can paint or dye them black. You can also use orange flowers and black accessories if you can’t get black ones. Another option would be to use dark red or dark purple flowers that are very close to black. Some examples of flowers you could use include:

  • Orange, peach, yellow, white, cream, and dark red roses
  • Orange, yellow, brown, red or cream, cream gerbera daisies
  • Red, yellow, white, or bronze chrysanthemums
  • White, orange, red, purple, and yellow alstroemeria
  • White, yellow, or red carnations
  • Daisies of different colours
  • Bright yellow sunflowers
  • Foliage such as thistle or eucalyptus leaves
  • Dried leaves, sticks, bark, branches and other dried items
  • Accessories like pumpkins and gourds
  • Ribbon, yarn, raffia, and similar decorative materials

Something sweet

You can also add something for the sweet tooth to emphasize the theme while also adding accents to your Halloween flowers. You can add sweets in the following ways:

  • Hang them from a small tree (one with autumn leaves or no leaves)
  • Make fun candy pomanders
  • Fill vases with wrapped candies
  • Add candies to autumn wreaths displayed on your doors, walls or even tabletops

Add themed accessories

This is completely optional and will depend on the type of theme you want to create. If you want to add some humour, you can add some things like toy spiders here and there. You can place a toy black cat next to the bouquet of Halloween flowers and don’t forget the candles too. Just be sure to keep open flames away from flowers and foliage. If you are concerned about the risk of fire, you can use LED lights that look like candles.

With these simple tips, you too can create the perfect display of Halloween flowers with just a few simple items you can easily find at your florist and craft shop. While you will need to replace your fresh blooms each year, you can reuse the vase and accessories for many years.