Summer arrangements for your office

With winter long gone, it’s time to really celebrate the warmer months of the year with some summer arrangements for your work space. Decorating your office with fresh blooms might sound like a tricky task for some. However, with the right steps in place, you too can become the floral connoisseur of your office.

Choose a colour

Before you start shopping for summer arrangements, you need to take a look around your office and consider the colour scheme – if applicable. Some offices are particularly bland with little to no colour whatsoever. This is great news because it will allow you to choose anything you like. For summer bouquets, remember that you want to choose bold and bright colours rather than pastels. This will help them really stand out and warm up the working environment.

Top floral choices

Once you have at least two or three colour options, it’s time to consider the types of flowers that are available during this time of year. Some of the most popular summer arrangements include bright blooms like roses, amaranthus, cockscomb and various lilies. Your florist may still have some spring blooms in stock if you want to mix it up a little.

Avoiding pollen

If you or any of your co-workers struggle with pollen allergies, you should take extra care when selecting blooms. Pay close attention to the types of flowers included in various summer arrangements before you place your order. Flowers with heavy pollen like lilies and roses are ideal because you don’t have to worry about the pollen floating through the air. Of course, if you choose flowers like lilies, you can also ask the florist to remove the pollen before sending the bouquet. If you are really concerned about a colleague with severe allergies, you could opt for a bouquet of silk flowers instead. Not only will you avoid causing any excessive sneezing, but you can also enjoy this bouquet for months at a time!

Exotic options

Now is also a great opportunity for you to explore and experiment with different blooms. Summer arrangements should have a bright look to them. What better way of achieving this than by using exotic flowers like irises, peonies, lilies and orchids? Their unusual appearance and bright colours are what make them so special.

No matter the flowers you choose for your office flower arrangements, one thing will always be true – proper care helps your bouquet last longer. This means that you will need to place the arrangement away from any air conditioners and direct sunlight. You should also trim the stems when the bouquet is delivered and repeat this every few days. Replace the vase water regularly and remove any dead or dying flowers as soon as you notice them. By following these tips, you can be sure that your bouquet will last so much longer.