Fun floral décor for the holidays

When the holidays approach, everyone starts looking for new ways to decorate your home. Festive floral décor can brighten up any room in your home and it just takes a bit of creativity to achieve the perfect effect. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of flowers for Christmas.


These potted plants are traditionally associated with Christmas and they add the perfect holiday touch. Poinsettias can be displayed as they are or you can add some extra decorations. Consider adding small, sparkling decorations or wrap some twinkling lights around the pot.

Flowers for your tree

You can give your Christmas tree that floral touch by adding artificial flowers here and there. Paint or spray paint your flowers gold or silver. Alternatively, you can paint them red and add gold glitter or paint them blue and add silver glitter. If you want to use fresh flowers, you will need to place them in individual water vials in order to ensure freshness.

Floating displays

If you want to decorate smaller spaces in your home like some counter space or a small table, you can make your own floating flower displays. Red and white flowers are ideal for any holiday theme and you will need to make sure that you choose flat flowers. Roses and flowers with this kind of shape will not float upright and this will ruin the effect. You can also add some floating candles if you like.

Keep stockings a secret

If you want to keep the contents of your Christmas stockings a secret, you can add some flowers on top. Not only will they hide those little gifts, but they will also make your stockings look that much more festive.

Seasonal scents

Every season is associated with specific scents and aromas. During the holiday season, you can expect an abundance of spicy scents everywhere you go. If you want to make your home smell like Christmas, yo ucan make your own potpourri. Blend 4 cups of rose petals with 2 ½ cups of lavendar petals, 1 vanilla bean (chopped), 2 cups of anise hyssop flowers, 2 cups of flowering tops of peppermint, 2 cups of oakmoss, 2 cups of rosebuds, 2 cups of sweet woodruff leave, ½ a cup of allspice berries, ½ a cup of aniseed, ½ a cup of cloves, 1 cup of cinnamon chips, 1 cup of pine needles, 1 cup of holidy basil tops, and 1 cup of calamus root (chopped). Once you have mixed these ingredients, you can add ½ a teaspoon of tangerine essential oil, ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon essential oil, and ¼ of a teaspoon of pine essential oil. Mix all of these ingredients together and make sure that all of your petals are coated in the oil blend. Display in your living room, foyer, or anywhere you want to enjoy the smell of Christmas.

Whether you choose one or all of these ideas, there’s no doubt that your home will instantly feel even more festive. Remember to always have fun when decorating your home and experiment with various options until you find your favourites.