Hydrangea flower arranging steps

Of all the flowers you will find at your local florist, the hydrangea flower is one of the most impressive. While many people mistake them for large blooms, they are actually made up of clusters of small flowers on a single stem. Due to their size, you will not need too many of these gorgeous stems to create an impressive arrangement. Simply follow these easy steps.

You will need:

  • 6 hydrangea flowers with leaves

  • A small, round vase (like a fish bowl)

  • Additional foliage (ferns are great)

  • Flower food

  • A sharp cutting tool (scissors/knife)


  • Before you begin creating your hydrangea flower arrangement, you will need to prepare your vase. Make sure that it is cleaned and rinsed thoroughly.

  • Make sure that you keep your flowers and foliage in fresh water while you prepare your vase.

  • Next, add some water with flower food to the vase.

  • Now it’s time to prepare your stems by trimming them to the appropriate length. The shape of this vase means that you will want the stems to rest diagonally rather than straight up. So, trim as little as possible to start. You can always cut more away but if you cut them too short, you can’t do much to fix this.

  • Make sure that you remove any lower leaves so that they don’t end up in the vase water.

  • Place five of your hydrangeas around the edge of the vase and place the final one on the centre. This one will, indeed, be arranged upright.

  • Next, you can add some foliage in between for some extra greenery and to ensure that there are no gaps in between.

Once your hydrangea flower arrangement is ready, all you need to do is find the perfect spot to display it. Make sure that you avoid any sources of heat, air conditioners, direct sunlight and windy spots. You will also need to top up the vase water from time to time and, if the water becomes cloudy, it should be replaced with fresh water.