Flowers for nursing homes

Fresh flowers offer a number of benefits to any recipient. They can be sent for any occasion and even no occasion at all. When somebody you care about moves into a nursing home, it can be quite a significant change in everyone’s lives. Not only will they need to get used to their new environment, but also their loved ones also need to get used to the changes that go along with the move.

The important thing is to never forget those loved ones and to always make them feel loved. You might not be able to visit every week or even every month but there are some ways you can make your presence felt even when you’re not there.

Fresh flower deliveries to the nursing home are a great way of brightening their room for weeks. Have your florist send flowers directly to their address when you cannot make it around to visit them. In other words, if you can only visit once every two weeks or once a month, you can send flowers in between this time to remind that person that they are on your mind.

Take special care to shop for a different bouquet of flowers each time so that you don’t just send the same bunch over and over again. Different types of flowers and different colours are great for maintaining a sense of surprise and thoughtfulness. Bright colours are usually best because they tend to lift the spirits most of all.

Add a little something extra to your flower order like a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal every now and then. This extra gift is something that your loved one will be able to enjoy even after the flowers have perished.

Finally, don’t be surprised if your loved one wishes to display the flowers in one of the common areas. Living rooms, dining rooms, and TV rooms can use a bit of perking up. They might wish to share the floral beauty and joyful effect of their flowers with their friends and there’s certainly no harm in this! The sad reality is that many elderly men and women are just about forgotten in nursing homes and they need all the joy they can get. So sharing becomes an important part of community life.