Flowers are fun to give and receive

As much as we enjoy receiving a fresh flower delivery, there is something just as satisfying about sending flowers too! When you know that you have placed that flower order and you know when it will arrive, you might struggle to contain your excitement! You can hardly wait to hear from the recipient and find out just how surprised they were when they heard the knock on the door!

When you send flowers to a loved one for a special occasion, it’s wonderfully rewarding. Of course, when you send flowers just because, it’s even better! They would have no idea a gift was on the way and it would be a greater surprise than flowers on their birthday.

If you notice that a friend or loved one is struggling with work or personal issues, you can give them the boost they need by sending them a bunch of fresh flowers. Yellow flowers are often the best way of giving somebody that emotional boost they need and yellow roses are the symbol of friendship. Make sure that you include a personal note of encouragement and let them know that you are there for them.

Another fun way of giving back is to place an order for a bunch of stems. You need not order a perfectly arranged bouquet but rather a selection of flowers without foliage or even any packaging. Separate the stems and, perhaps ask a friend or two to help you hand out flowers to random people. This is a wonderful random act of kindness that could be just what somebody needs to brighten their day and show them that they still have plenty of reasons to smile. So often we are overcome with stress that we struggle to see the beauty in life.

When you give flowers, you give love, hope, joy, support, and so much more! So, don’t wait for a special occasion! If you want to spoil your friend, spouse, partner, or even give your boss a bit of encouragement, you can with flowers!