Christmas is the time to send flowers

Christmas is a particularly special time of year for many and it is often seen as the most important time to spend with their family and close friends.  With so many people celebrating, it’s quite common to be invited to several events.  It is extremely difficult to choose between all the invitations and just thinking about letting any of your dear friends or family members down makes your stomach turn.  The only way too realistically attend more than one event is if they are scheduled for different times.  For example, a dinner for Christmas Eve and lunch on Christmas day.  Now, what about all those other invites?  How do you let them down gently?  Simple, you send flowers!  If you can’t make a personal appearance, you can arrange for a fresh flower delivery instead.  Just make sure that you include a sincere message to go with the beautiful bouquet.

The first step to take is to decide which event(s) you wish to attend.  Hereafter, make a note of any events that you cannot attend.  Once you have your list of recipients ready, you need to find the right florist.  If you are the hands on type, then you can make your way from florist to florist.  Of course, around this time of the year, the weather is not always ideal and an online florist will most likely be a much better option.  An online florist can also save you time if you are inundated with other seasonal responsibilities.  Regardless of your choice, you will be able to look through floral creations to help you make your final choice.  Shopping for flowers online means that each bouquet has at least one high quality photo for you to see.  Your local florist should have a comprehensive portfolio with plenty of photos for you to browse through.

Another advantage of using an online florist to send flowers is that the site is organized according to different categories.  This will make it that much easier for you to find all the Christmas flower bouquets they have available.  The prices are clearly displayed and, if you would like a larger or smaller version of a particular bouquet, you can adjust the size when you place your order.

Another important tip to keep in mind is to avoid ordering more than one of the same style arrangement.  Yes, you want to save time but you also want to keep the recipient in mind with each selection.  If you send the same flowers to each recipient, it will indicate a lack of interest or sincerity.  If need be, you can create a document on your computer and save the links to all the bouquets you like.  Save each one under the name of the intended recipient to make it easier to decide.  Try to think of the recipient’s preferences and don’t be afraid to spend an extra five minutes here and there.  It really can make all the difference!

Finally, both local and online florists allow you to include a personalized message so take full advantage of this.  Just like your flower selection, the message you send along with the bouquet needs to be unique and sincere.  Avoid generic phrases and write from the heart.  This will show the recipient that you didn’t just rush through the process and you really had them in mind while shopping.  You could also include little extras like a bottle of wine, chocolates or something else, depending on what your florist has available.