Amazing Avalanche Roses

While roses are one of the most popular florist flowers in the world, each type of rose also has its own unique history. Avalanche Roses are no exception and they are relatively new on the florist scene. They only really started enjoying significant popularity from the year 2000 but they have certainly had a massive impact on the industry.

Suited for all occasions

Avalanche Roses are popular because of their versatility. They are a top choice for weddings but they are also an excellent gift for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, to welcome a new baby or even as a token of respect in the form of sympathy and funeral flowers.

Strong and beautiful

With a strong stem and oversized flower head, it’s no wonder these roses are so loved. They have a high petal count which means that every bloom has an abundant appearance and your bouquet will certainly look perfectly full. Avalanche Roses are also known for their long vase life which is perfect if you want to make sure that your floral gift lasts as long as possible.

Affordable beauty

The price of fresh flowers varies based on the type of bloom and the seasonal availability. When it comes to Avalanche Roses, these flowers do not disappoint. Not only are they a spectacular sight, but they are also one of the most affordable of all roses! Since they have such large flower heads, you will not need a lot of them to create a stunning arrangement. The fewer stems you use means that your bouquet or centrepiece will be that much more affordable in the end.


These roses are excellent for any type of flower display. So, if you want to create a tall arrangement or a short one, you can always use Avalanche Roses to create a true floral work of art. It’s no wonder they are known as the ‘Queen of Roses’.

While white is a popular colour scheme for many events today, there are some other upcoming trends such as gold, copper and silver. These metallic colours can easily be incorporated into rose displays in the form of accessories and vases. If you are looking for something other than white, you could always have your florist provide peach or pink Avalanche Roses instead. Perhaps even a blend of the various colours will prove even more to your liking.