Valentine’s Day flower colour options

When shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, there are two main questions that shoppers ask: what type of flowers should you send and which colours are best for this occasion? Roses are the top choice for romance but many people are opting for other blooms such as carnations, tulips and lilies. As for colours, here are some of the best options.

Red blooms

Red is associated with deep and passionate love. This is why red roses are considered to be the top Valentine’s Day flower. That said, because of prices associated with these blooms around Valentine’s Day, many people choose other red flowers instead.

Pink blooms

Pink is another lovely colour to choose for your Valentine’s Day flower gift. While red represents deep and passionate love, pink symbolises affection. If you are in a newer relationship, pink blooms might be the better option. This is because they will express your feelings without coming across too strongly.

Purple blooms

Purple is the colour of admiration and there are a number of flowers available in various shades of purple. Some shades are darker than others and some flowers, like roses, are available in both dark and pastel shades of purple. By including several types of purple flowers in a single bouquet, you can create a gorgeous contrast in texture with varying shades of the same colour. Pair roses with chrysanthemums and carnations and smaller filler flowers to create a truly dynamic display.

Mixed bouquets

When you cannot choose a single colour, mixed bouquets will always do the trick! Like pink Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, mixed bouquets are perfect for new relationships. They are also excellent for couples who have been together for years since your Valentine may want something different this year as opposed to the traditional red bouquet.

Don’t forget, when shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day flower bouquet, you should also look for extras such as champagne, chocolates and balloons to make their day even more special! Set some time aside just for them and let them know how much you care.