Using different coloured flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day

When it comes to such popular occasions as Valentine’s Day, we can quite easily find ourselves in a bit of a routine when choosing flowers.  We often select the typical bouquet of red roses or other red flowers but, in today’s modern age, these “rules” are certainly meant to be broken!  If you have grown tired of the usual types of fresh flowers that most people buy from florists over this time of year, you can send Valentine’s Day flowers with a difference.

The most popular colour for this occasion is quite obviously red.  The high demand for red blooms means that their prices can quite easily double around this time of year.  In some cases, red roses can cost as much as three times more than usual!  This price increase is one of the biggest factors that has lead to the increased popularity of other colours.  Red and white flower arrangements are popular and great for keeping costs down without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal.  An arrangement consisting of red and white roses will send a message of passion and purity and they are ideal for couples who are truly committed to each other.  When creating a bouquet consisting of more than one colour, you can use the same type of flower or you can use different flowers.  For instance, you can combine red roses and white carnations or another white flower.

Another colour that looks great when paired with red, is yellow.  Yellow roses are associated with the message of friendship.  That said, when accompanied by red roses, the arrangement sends a message of excitement and joy.  This kind of bouquet is perfect for that new love interest and for those who are celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together.

For anyone who wishes to avoid tradition and any kind of cliché, you could combine such colours as yellow and purple.  Yellow roses and purple irises look fantastic together since they both possess striking beauty and bold shades.  When combining colours in any bouquet, you need to be sure that they work well together.  For example, you can combine any colour flower with white blooms but you can’t just pair any colour up with red flowers.  If you take a look around at pictures of flowers online, you will begin to identify the types of colour combinations that work best.

Another important point to remember is that different colours are available in different shades.  You may have noticed how many flowers are available in pink but, when you place a pink rose next to a pink carnation for example, you will see a distinct difference in colour.  When creating a single colour but multiple shade bouquet, you should place the darker shades in the middle and gradually work your way out so that the lighter tones form the outer border.

If you know that your Valentine prefers multicolour bouquets, then you are in luck because these bouquets will likely prove cheaper than a dozen red roses.  It might sound unconventional but it’s a sentimental gesture that shows how much you take note of their personal preferences.