UK Seasonal Flowers

When looking for the freshest and, in many cases, the cheapest flowers from your local florist, then one of the best tricks is to search for seasonal blooms.  It should go without saying that flowers grown locally are cheaper than imported varieties.  You may notice that many types of flowers are available throughout the year and even in the icy grip of winter.  However, they could end up costing you more and they might not last quite as long as they would if they were in season.  For anyone living in the UK or planning to send flowers to the UK, you can learn more about UK seasonal flowers below.

Photo © Leigh Kendell

In the spring season, you will find such flowers as chrysanthemums, carnations, various lilies, tulips and orchids in bloom.  Any of these stunning  floral beauties will serve well as focal flowers in any arrangement.  You can add daisies, wax flowers and even bluebells as fillers during the spring season.

Summer Flowers

Peonies, asters, gladioli, roses and gardenias bloom in the hotter summer months.  Regardless of the colour you prefer, they will always make any bouquet special.  You can also use heather or daisies as fillers.  One of the best things about any bouquet is that white filler flowers can be added to any arrangement regardless of the colour scheme.  White fillers actually make the colourful blooms in the bouquet stand out even more!

Autumn Flowers
© Prestige Flowers

During the cooler autumn season, you can use gypsophila.  Hydrangeas make excellent bases for various arrangements (particularly wreaths) and chrysanthemums and gladioli are still in season during this time of year.  Other popular flowers like roses are also in bloom as well as lilies and dahlias so you will never struggle to find seasonal focal flowers.

As the weather becomes colder and winter sets in, you will feel somewhat more limited in terms of flower selection.  Chrysanthemums, carnations, roses and lilies can still be found at your local florist but they are not necessarily in season.  They are usually grown indoors to accommodated the high year-round demand for these blooms.  A great idea for filling up winter flower arrangements is the use of berries instead of small flowers.  They are particularly great for creating a bouquet with a Christmas theme.

Now you should have a good idea of the types of flowers to look for during the various seasons.  Depending on the time of year, you should make your own list of flowers before shopping for a bouquet.  In many cases, you will notice that your local and online florists like to offer special discounts on seasonal bouquets which is an added incentive to specifically search for these flowers!