UK flowers that everyone loves

Fresh flowers are one of the best gifts you can give anyone. No matter the recipient or the occasion, beautiful blooms will always make them smile. Over time, we have become more familiar with specific types of UK flowers. Here are some of the most popular blooms you will find at your local and online florist.


Not only are roses the top choice when it comes to UK flowers, but they are also popular around the world. Regardless of the occasion, you are sure to find roses to suit the event and recipient. Red roses are associated with romance, pink ones are a symbol of affection, white roses represent purity and yellow stems make an excellent gift for friends.


Like roses, tulips are also extremely popular UK flowers. They too are available in various colours and each colour sends a special message. Of course, if you want to send a bouquet to a friend or loved one without worrying about it coming across as romantic, you can always send a mixed arrangement. Choose a bouquet that includes several colours and you can rest assured that the recipient will be overjoyed.


Available in various colours, pink and white varieties are the most popular when it comes to UK flowers. Peonies are delicate and they have a relatively short bloom season compared to other cut flowers. Of course, they more than make up for this with their abundant petals. The sheer number of petals give each flower amazing volume and you only need a few stems to create an impressive bouquet.


If you are looking for UK flowers with an exotic twist, you can’t go wrong with lilies. Oriental lilies are especially lovely. They are available in various colours including white, pink and even orange. You can display them on their own or pair them with other smaller flowers like roses or carnations. Use an uneven number of lily stems to create the focal point of your bouquet. Smaller blooms will serve the purpose of mass flowers while tiny flowers (like baby’s breath) will fill in the gaps.


If you are looking for something simply elegant, orchids are your top choice. Not only are they popular when it comes to UK flowers, but also as potted plants. There are many different types of orchid plants. While some can prove quite delicate, many types are easy to care for and will bloom year after year. All you need to know is how and when to water them as well as their sunlight needs. Repotting should only be done when the plant outgrows its existing pot. Make sure that you use the appropriate orchid potting mix rather than regular potting soil. This will help your plant grow and prevent root rot.

Now that you know more about some of the most popular UK flowers, it’s time to get shopping! Whether you want to wish somebody happy birthday or spoil yourself, your online florist makes flower shopping quick and easy. You can browse, buy and arrange for a flower delivery within just a few minutes and from the comfort of your home.