Your guide to funeral flowers

Funerals are not something we like to think about or plan. Losing a loved one is a difficult and painful experience which is why it is so important to have that final farewell. Funerals give the families and friends a chance to say goodbye and this is important for closure and healing. Flowers are often associated with celebrations and happy occasions but fresh flowers are also a form of honouring a lost loved one. When you send sympathy flowers, for example, you are showing the family that you are offering your support. When you decorate the funeral venue, you are celebrating the life of the one you have lost and giving them their final send off.

The Funeral Flowers Choice Dilemma

Since our loved ones usually pass away very unexpectedly, it’s not uncommon for people to feel quite overwhelmed. There is a lot of planning to do and not much time to get everything done. The first thing to do is make sure that you get some trusted friends or family to lend a hand. Next, you need to make plans for the venue of the service, arrange food and order funeral flowers. There are so many different types of flowers and flower arrangements from which to choose, it can be incredibly difficult to make up your mind. Some of the most popular options are listed below.

Wreaths or Casket Sprays

If you will be having a casket at the funeral, then you might like to place an arrangement on the casket as a token of your love and respect. Either of these options is perfectly acceptable. Your choice will come down to your personal preferences.

Standing Spray Funeral Flowers

To decorate the venue, you might like to order a couple of large arrangements that are to be set on stands near the front of the venue. They are usually on opposite ends and they are tall enough to make a significant impact without completely taking over the space. If the venue is very small, you might prefer just one of these large arrangements. If the venue has an entrance hall or foyer, you can place a large photograph of your loved one in a frame for everyone to see and a small bouquet beside it.

Floral Crosses

These are large displays that can be displayed beside the casket if you would like to add that special touch. You can use this display at the funeral venue and take it along with you to the burial as well. The cross can be left at the graveside since a tombstone is usually placed later, once the soil has settled.

If you are struggling in terms of colours, types of flowers and even designs, you can always rest assured that your professional florist will be able to offer expert advice. Shopping for funeral flowers online makes the whole process much easier too. You can simply click on the section for funeral flowers and order the arrangements you like the most. You also don’t have to worry about getting dressed and leaving the house when you would much rather stay home instead.