Tropical Plants for Your Home

Even if you do not live in a tropical zone, you can still enjoy growing tropical plants. The key is to select the right plant for your home and make sure that you offer it the best conditions in order for it to thrive. Here are some of the best plants that will help give your home that tropical feel.


This unique flower plant will brighten up any room. Their blooms are more like bracts and they have a distinct glossy appearance. It is important to remember that these plants do require special care and they need the appropriate soil and watering schedule.


These flowering plants are easier to grow and they do very well indoors. They are low maintenance and they adapt easily to their surroundings. These plants are known for being particularly hardy.

Bird of Paradise

This plant is unlike any other and their flowers are a wonderful sight to behold. While they are most definitely tropical plants, they are surprisingly easy to grow in your home.

Peace Lilies

When these tropical plants are in bloom, they are absolutely superb. During the colder months of the year, they might a little bit of extra care if you want to get the most out of them.


Probably one of the most popular of all tropical plants, there are a number of orchids from which to choose. These plants often prefer humid environments. Even if you don’t have a particularly humid home, you can use a number of hacks to create humidity around the plant itself. When in bloom, orchids really are unlike any other.

Tropical plants should not strike fear in the hearts of new or inexperienced gardeners. They might prove a bit more challenging than some super easy to grow plants, but they are more hardy than we think. If you are unsure, do some online research and find out about the specific needs of each plant before making your choice.