Should you toss your bridal bouquet?

The bouquet toss has been around for years and it is one of the most well-known wedding traditions around the world. The idea behind this tradition is that the bride is lucky to have found love and now it’s up to her to pass some of that luck on to another single lady at the wedding. That said, like many things in life, this tradition is not quite as popular as it once was and brides are looking for better ways of sharing their joy. So, here are some great ideas!

For brides who want to hang on to their bouquet but still wish to do the bouquet toss, you can order a second bouquet specifically for the toss. This way, you get to keep your flowers and you pass some on! Alternatively, you could ask your florist about a breakaway bouquet for the toss. Similar to the second bouquet idea, with one major difference – it breaks apart. That’s right! As soon as you toss the bunch into the air, it comes apart so that the single ladies will no longer fight over a single bouquet but rather each get a piece.

You can also substitute the bouquet toss with a girls only dance. Invite all the ladies (single and married) to the dance floor for a special moment. The men can do the same if you are also planning on skipping the garter toss.

You could even have a couples celebration where you invite all couples to the dance floor. Choose a popular romantic song that will be enjoyed by all generations and let everyone celebrate their love along with the newly weds.

You could also use your bouquet to honour those who could not make it to your special day. If you have a loved one (or more than one) who has passed away, you can set aside a special place to make mention of them and decorate this space with your bouquet.

Some brides prefer to choose the person they want to pass the bouquet to. So, instead of throwing it into the air, they take a moment to have a private minute with that person and hand over the bouquet personally. If you have more than one loved one you want to give your bouquet to, you can split the bouquet and give half to each of them.