Top houseplants for your home

Plants are not only great for making your garden beautiful and turning it into a stunning escape. You can decorate your home with various potted plants that will completely transform any space and boost your mood. Here are some of the top houseplants from which you can choose.


Rose plants are loved because they are so easy to grow. There are many different types of roses and some are designed for potted plant life while others grow large and are best planted in your garden. When you choose these top houseplants, remember that they love moist soil with banana peels and Epsom salts as part of their fertilizer. You should avoid shallow watering and only prune when needed.


These top houseplants are known and loved for their abundant blooms. With dozens of small flowers clustered together on a single stem, it creates the appearance of a single large flower. Remember that the colour of the flowers are determined by the pH of the soil. These plants love mulch and consistent moisture. You should avoid placing them in hot areas and direct sunlight.

Dish gardens

If you feel like plants don’t stand much of a chance in your home, why not give it a go with a dish garden? They include a variety of easy-to-grow cacti and succulents that don’t require daily TLC. Some cacti even produce gorgeous bright flowers so you have plenty of colour to look forward to! Remember to provide plenty of drainage and do not overwater.


When it comes to luxury, orchids really are the top houseplants of elegance. There are many types available and some can be a bit picky while others are not fussy at all. Just make sure that they have a humid environment with well-draining soil and avoid direct sunlight.


If you need a bit of luck, then bamboo is for you! Bamboo plants reach maturity within five years and they are excellent for air flow in your home. They need to be watered once a week and they enjoy indirect sunlight. You do need to take care not to expose them to cold temperatures.

Now that you know all about the top houseplants for your home, what are you waiting for? Take a look around your home and base your choice on the conditions you can offer and the level of care.