Flowers for a winter wedding

Winter might not be the most popular time of year for weddings but there are those who are delighted by the idea of wedding photos in the snow and the advantage that the bride won’t be sweating it out in her luxurious multi-layered gown!  Just as there are various options in terms of winter wedding dresses, there are also numerous flowers available in the winter to brighten up your special day. A professional florist should have more than enough fresh flowers for you to choose from.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Regardless of the season, it is always important to choose a colour scheme for your wedding before you choose any bridesmaid dresses, wedding flowers and other decorative items.  Winter weddings are best decorated with flowers in warm colours like orange and red.  You can also opt for plain green and white arrangements if you prefer the elegance of simplicity.  The green foliage will help the white flowers stand out even against the bride’s snow white dress.  If, however, you prefer bouquets that consist only of white flowers, you can take a look at the bouquet Marilyn Monroe carried when she married Joe DiMaggio.  These cymbidium orchids didn’t fail to attract attention but they also complimented Marilyn’s beauty perfectly.  Another popular white flower to use is ranuculus and, because it blooms in the winter, it can be used with other flowers or on its own if you prefer.  They are also available in red, yellow, orange, pink and purple should you wish to add some colour.

As for table decorations, it’s good to remember that they don’t have to consist of the exact same flowers as the bride’s bouquet.  The flowers in the bride’s bouquet might be more elegant and expensive while cheaper flowers are used to decorate the tables.  In fact, this is the best approach because you want the bride to really stand out and feel special.  In most cases, simple table arrangements are used because over the top designs tend to steal the show and occupy to much space.  Not to mention the cost!

Some popular flowers that you can use to decorate your tables include chrysanthemums, carnations, different types of lilies, gerbera daisies and various kinds of orchids.  Roses, while not necessarily in season, are still extremely popular throughout the year and many florists keep them in stock year round in order to satisfy this constant demand.  That said, they might be more expensive than usual since they would need to be imported or cultivated under special (artificial) conditions.  If you really want roses for your wedding but they are somewhat out of your price range, you could always add a few roses in each of your table arrangements or your bouquet.

As important as flowers are, it is important not to neglect the importance of foliage in each bouquet.  Greenery provides the perfect background to help the flowers really stand out and they give an arrangement that fuller appearance.  It also is a lot cheaper than using strictly flowers.  You should also remember that certain flowers are available in green (like carnations) which can form the perfect contrast of light and dark green when accompanied by the right foliage.