How to add autumn flowers to your home

When decorating your home, it’s important to remember that it’s not only about your living room or kitchen. Fresh flowers can be used to decorate other areas of your home such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and even your entrance hall. Here are some tips for adding autumn flowers to your home.

In your bedroom, the best places to display flowers are on a dresser or vanity. Keep your flower arrangement smaller in size so that you still have plenty of space for all of your other personal items. You also don’t want your flower arrangement to block your mirror. For this reason, shorter arrangements are ideal.

Your bathrooms are most likely the smallest rooms in your home which can make them difficult to decorate. Again, you will need smaller flower arrangements or even a small potted plant. You can place your floral display on a window sill or even on the bathroom countertop. Provided they don’t get in your way when you need to brush your teeth or go out your regular beauty routine.

Your living room and dining room are the perfect locations for more elaborate floral displays and centrepieces. If you like, you can order flowers arranged in floral foam along with one or two candles. Make sure that your candles suit the colors of your flowers. So, if you mainly use orange flowers and add dark, rusty red flowers, you can use rusty red coloured candles. If your arrangement is largely orange with just a splash of green, you can use green candles.

You can also add some autumn décor while improving the air in a room by making your own fresh potpourri. Save up flowers and plant material over the summer months and throughout the year. All you will need to is make your own essential oil blend based on your personal preferences.

Finally, don’t forget to always keep colour in mind when choosing autumn flowers. Some popular colours include rusty red, pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, dark green, and cream. You can even add slight hints of gold and brown depending on the type of arrangement you are creating.