Top Easter flower choices and what they mean

Are you looking for the best way to decorate your home this Easter? Fresh flowers make a fantastic natural dash of colour fit for the season. Here are some of the top Easter flower choices that will certainly make this time of year incredibly special. You can display some of them on their own or pair them with other blooms if you prefer.

Easter lily

Since this bloom is named for the holiday, it’s no wonder the Easter lily is a top Easter flower. The blooms are known and loved for their trumpet shape and they are associated with resurrection and purity. According to legend, these flowers were growing in the garden where Jesus prayed the night before His crucifixion.

Easter cactus

Yet another top Easter flower so named for the occasion. This plant is similar to the Christmas cactus but it has a different bloom cycle. It is a symbol of rebirth and the flowers it produces are either white, red, pink, purple or even orange.


These beauties are often associated with spring because this is when we see them come to life. Their unique shape and bright yellow colour make them a lovely choice to brighten up your home for Easter. They are also associated with Lent which is why they are often referred to as Lent Lilies.


There is nothing quite like the scent of the Hyacinth’s blooms. This top Easter flower can be enjoyed as a cut stem but it most appreciated as a potted plant. This is because, once the blooms are spent, you can remove and store the bulb for next year. They are the perfect symbol of sincerity and the flowers are either white, purple or pink.


Like Daffodils, Tulips are yet another top Easter flower which is also associated with spring. Again, this is due to their bloom cycle. There is nothing quite like the beauty of a field of tulips in bloom after the long winter. Available in various colours, you will certainly be able to create the most amazing display. These flowers are associated with love, forgiveness and belief. They also have a unique shape which means that they tend to resemble the shape of eggs – Easter eggs thanks to their bright colours.


The Hydrangea makes an amazing cut flower and plant. As a potted plant, it will eventually outgrow its home and most likely require replanting in your garden. These plants are fascinating because you don’t necessarily choose the colour of the flower when selecting the plant. Instead, you choose the plant, plant it in your garden and wait for the surprise based on the pH level of the soil. Some plants can produce more than one colour flower because the pH of the soil varies from one part to the other. This top Easter flower represents understanding and gratitude. Which is all the more reason to enjoy it in your home this spring.


Now that you have a fair list of top Easter flower choices, it’s time to start shopping! Take into account your environment and whether you are looking for cut flowers or a plant. Remember, When investing in a plant, you can always cut stems to bring indoors and decorate your home.