6 things to avoid when storing Valentine’s Day flowers

There’s nothing better than surprising your significant other with a gorgeous flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day. Of course, keeping everything a secret is the top priority. In many cases, you want to surprise your partner or spouse with a bright bouquet first thing in the morning. This is why it’s so handy to place that flower order and have your flowers delivered the day before Valentine’s Day. The only potential problem is improper storage of these flowers overnight. If you are having your Valentine’s Day flowers delivered the day before V-Day, you should keep these tips in mind:

Avoid the cold

Extreme weather conditions can have a devastating effect on fresh flowers of every variety. If you try to hide your bouquet in a part of your home where there’s no source of heat, you are bound to find them in less than perfect condition the next morning. Even if they look good at first, once you present them to your loved one, they won’t last nearly as long as they would if they’d been properly stored. Avoid storing flowers in your garage. No matter how moderate you think the temperatures are at night. Instead, hide them in a spare room or even behind something like your living room sofa.

Hiding in the car

Hiding flowers in your car is just as bad as leaving them in the garage for the night. Temperatures inside your car will be exactly the same as those in the garage which means that your flowers could freeze if it gets cold enough overnight. No matter what, never keep flowers in your car!

Excessive heat

Much like excessive cold, too much heat is also no good for fresh flowers. While you want to ensure that temperatures are moderate, you never want to place your flowers anywhere near any source of heat. This means that you need to keep flowers away from heaters, fireplaces, and similar heat supplies. If not, they will wilt or even dry out far too soon!

Ample water

Flowers might do relatively well out of water for just a few minutes but they should never be left without water overnight. Make sure that you place the bouquet in a bucket or vase with fresh water. This will keep them fresh, hydrated, and ready to make any lucky recipient smile! Remember, you don’t need to place them in a bucket full of water. It’s only importan to make sure that the bottom of the stems are covered. You can even do your partner a favour by trimming the stems at an angle to help encourage water absorption and prolong flower life. If you like, mist your flowers just before leaving them to wait out the night. This will also help keep them fresh and crisp.

Improper transportation

If you decide that you would rather collect your flowers in person, you should be prepared to transport them properly. Common problems include flowers falling over, flowers place directly on the car seat, and exposure to excessive heat from the car heater. The best way to transport any bouquet is to make sure that you either order a vase or take one with you. Make sure that you have a crate or box in your car with some kind of packing material or newspaper to help hold the vase in place. When you receive your flowers, set them in a vase with minimal water and then tuck the vase into the box or crate. Make sure that it’s not at all wobbly. This way you can drive fairly comfortably without worrying about your flowers. You should also turn off any vents that are pointed at your flowers. You can use your heater but make sure that you don’t make your car too hot or the flowers could wilt.

Unwrap them

Flowers often come wrapped in some kind of display material. If you want your flowers to do well overnight, you should free them from their tightly wrapped packaging and allow them to rest comfortably inside a vase. As mentioned earlier, you can also use this opportunity to trim the stems and remove any guard petals on roses.

Never underestimate the importance of proper flower care and storage. By keeping your flowers happy overnight, you will have a romantic floral gift you can be proud of!