Send your sincerest condolences

When somebody you know and care about passes away, it can be extremely difficult. It’s most difficult for the immediate family and their closest friends. Sympathy flowers are often sent as a way of expressing your condolences and showing support during this difficult time. When choosing the right flowers to send, it’s important to remember a few points in etiquette as well as the best types of flowers to send to somebody who is grieving.

When a family member passes away, the rest of the family might not feel like opening their door to guests. This is why it’s often best to have a florist make the flower delivery instead of doing so in person. Even though they aren’t up for guests, they might invite you in anyway out of courtesy. The florist delivery person, however, will not be invited in so you can be sure that the grieving family will receive the flowers and then they will be left in peace. This is especially important during the days leading up to the funeral. Not only are they trying to come to terms with their loss, but they are also trying to plan a funeral and get financial affairs in order. So, order fresh flowers and have the florist deliver them. Include a sincere message in the card and include your name so that they know you are thinking of them.

Sympathy flowers can be sent when the person passes away and they can also be sent on the anniversary of their passing. While the rest of the world seems to move on, the family affected by this loss will struggle through each milestone every year. The first year is usually the toughest and they will need extra support when the anniversary of their loved one’s passing comes around. Again, since this is such a delicate time, you might want to avoid making the flower delivery yourself and have the florist do so instead.

As for the best types of flowers to send, there are several suitable options. White flowers accompanied by lush greenery are popular. Most of these bouquets either consist of white roses or several types of white flowers. Pastel coloured flowers are also suitable and they can be quite comforting during this time. Some people like to send a brighter bouquet in an effort to lift the spirits of the grieving family. Remember to always consider how the family might be feeling and let them know that you are available should they need any help or even a shoulder to cry on. Showing your support through a bouquet of flowers is just what they need.