Top 5 best smelling Flowers

Welcome to our guide on what are widely regarded as some of the best smelling flowers in the world – please read on to find out what flowers are the fragrance kings of the Plant Kingdom!

#5 – Sweet Alysum

We’ll start off this top 5 with the Sweet Alysum – This small, delicate flower grows pretty much anywhere in the world and is an annually appearing plant, which typically grows in the late spring/summer.

While it may not look like the most stunning of flowers, it’s scent is delectable, and is regarded as one of the most pleasantly scented flowers around.

Growing close to the ground , and not growing particularly big, it may be hard to believe that these flowers have such a reputation for their scent, but the scent rises and can be smelt a good distance away if there are enough of them.

Sweet  Alysum flowers are incredibly easy to cultivate, and are a must have addition to anyone’s garden!

#4 – Wisteria

 Coming up next is the Wisteria,  which is native to the eastern areas of the United States , and in China , Japan and Korea, the Wisteria flower is recognised in these areas as one of the best smelling flowers in the world, providing a soft, yet sweet aroma that travels large distances over wind, the smell is similar to lilac, but has more of an earthy, sweeter scent to it – and it is also the key ingredient in many top shelf perfumes.

While it is an extremely fast growing and blossoming flower when it takes hold, but growing from a seed can take years for the flower to bloom, it is for this reason that if you would like to grow your own Wisteria, try to get cuttings of one from an existing plant, as it will grow much much quicker.

#3 – Lily of the Valley


 Next there is the Lily of the Valley  – Native to most of the northern hemisphere, the Lily of the valley is a small flower , generally growing to around 6 inches when fully grown and grows multiple flower heads. It is a poisonous flower, but only if eaten. Although this is a small flower, it packs one mighty scented punch, which when smelt, you will never confuse it for another flower, the scent is very sweet, and some species have been noted to smell like spiced apples, providing a heavenly aroma. – This easily grown flower is perennial , meaning It will stick around your garden all year, giving it a lovely distinctive scent constantly. They do spread quite easily too , so if you are planning on growing a lot of them, give them plenty of room!

#2 – 4 o’clock s (Mirabilis jalapa)


Native to South America and southern Mexico, the 4 o’clock flower is an odd one, having the ability to grow multiple flowers on the same plant, and each flower can also be its own unique colours, making it one of the very few flowering plants that have this ability. More impressive than its visuals though, is its fragrance, easily distinguishable from other flowers, the Mirabilis jalapa flower gives off an incredibly seductive scent, akin to a very floral , yet not over powering perfume, and has been hailed as the most appealing, best smelling flowers in it’s region in the world. 4 O’clocks  also grow fruits, which while not very tasting to humans, harbours a seed which can be planted whole and then grown again, and you don’t even have to intervene yourself, it spreads very easy!

 #1 – Rose ( old garden Rose)


 Many of you may think that Roses are Roses, and that’s it, there is no variation other than colour, well, you’d be forgiven for thinking that, but there are three general classes that Roses come under, Species Roses, Old Garden Roses, and Modern Roses, with the number 1 slot for best smelling flower in the world going to the Garden rose!

These extremely delicate and fussy flowers can be a pain to grow, as they require very specific needs in order to grow properly, but the rewards for providing them with the care they need more than pays off when they start to bloom.

As soon as “Old Garden Roses” bloom, the sweet scent is quite evident, providing a scent unmatched in the world of flowers, and is actually regarded by some to be the most appealing smell in the world..not just for flowers. It is very hard to describe this fantastic aromas, but it is used a lot in many high price , top shelf aftershaves and perfumes. You can cultivate garden Roses yourself, but as mentioned , they require ALOT of attention, but it is more than worth the challenge!

Thanks for reading our top 5 guide to the best smelling flowers in the world!