How did roses become associated with love

When you look at a bunch of red roses, the first thing to come to mind is undoubtedly romance. Occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries usually involve a fresh flower delivery and these flowers are often red roses. In fact, when Valentine’s Day approaches, shops decorate their windows and isles with hearts, cupid-shaped decorations, and red roses! The question many people have is why red roses are associated with romance and love? Why not orange roses or yellow roses instead?

Well, if we travel back in time to Ancient Greece and Rome, it becomes clear that there were icons that represented love. Aphrodite and Venus. The red rose was tied to these icons and, over time it became its very own symbol of passion and affection. While we may not have the same adoration for the gods once worshiped by ancient civilisations, we still observe some traditions. The red rose is one of them and will most likely remain for many years to come.

While red roses are associated with deep love and affection, this is not to say that other roses do not send a message of love. For example, pink roses also send an affectionate message although they are better suited for plutonic relationships or new relationships where the words “I love you” have not yet been uttered. White roses are a symbol of purity which is why they are popular as part of wedding flowers as well as sympathy flowers.

Yellow flowers are the well-known symbol of friendship. While we may love our friends, we don’t want to send the wrong message. This is what makes yellow roses the perfect gift for your friend for any occasion! They will send the message of care and affection without any conflicting message of romantic intentions.

So, when you want to send roses to a loved one, remember that red roses will always be a sign of your romantic feelings whereas other colours might be better suited for a friend, relative, or co-worker.