Wedding flowers for late autumn

If you are planning on tying the knot during the later part of autumn and you’re not sure how to decorate, you’ll be happy to know that you have many options. There are a number of fantastic wedding flowers available at your local florist and you can opt for just about any colour, including bright shades and pastels. Here are some of the top flower choices from which you can choose during this time of year.


These are excellent wedding flowers for larger table arrangements. They are tall with impressive blooms along the length of each stem. They are available in a wide variety of colours so you can easily make your selection based on the colour scheme of your wedding. Snapdragons represent strength and graciousness which is an encouraging message for any couple.

Gerbera daisies

These blooms are fairly large in size and they are available in several colours. You can choose a single colour or you can create bouquets that include multiple colours. These wedding flowers are great for centrepieces on your guests’ tables. They are impressive but they are not so tall or large that they will take up too much space.


If you are looking for wedding flowers that will fill large spaces with just a few stems, hydrangeas are the way to go. These blooms have dozens of little flowers on each stem which creates the appearance of a large flower. These blooms can be displayed all on their own or you can use them as mass flowers in mixed arrangements.


These white wedding flowers are loved for their beautiful perfume. They are star-shaped and commonly referred to as Madagascar Jasmine. These blooms symbolize harmony in marriage which is why they are added to the bride’s bouquet.


Whether you are looking for red, yellow, purple, pink or blue wedding flowers, you can always include irises in your arrangements. They can be used in handheld bouquets as well as centrepieces and they are known to represent hope, faith and royalty.

When shopping for wedding flowers during this time of year, you will notice that many florists stock blooms that are not in season. This is because certain blooms are so popular that they are either imported or specially cultivated in order to ensure that they are available year round. Be sure to discuss your needs and budget with your florist so that they can help you create unique and meaningful designs.