Important tips when sending flowers to your girlfriend

There’s a common idea that women are difficult to please and, when you want to present them with a gift, it can become quite a stressful process. Choosing the perfect flowers for your girlfriend will depend on several factors.


Start by taking into account the duration of your relationship. If you have just started dating and your new girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, you can send her a bouquet of her favourite flowers if you know what she likes. Alternatively, you could send her a mixed pink bouquet filled with luxurious and sweet-smelling blooms.


If you have been dating for a fairly long time and your relationship is leaning towards the serious side, then you can definitely consider ordering red roses. They are always well-received for so many occasions. Not only will you be celebrating a particular occasion but you will also be showing her how much you love her.


For those who are preparing for their first date, it never hurts to present her with a modest bouquet. Just like new relationships, you should avoid red flowers for that first date. Instead, you can choose a more neutral colour or even pink flowers to show your affection. You can also choose to send a smaller, more modest bouquet rather than a huge bunch. Bud arrangements are those that consist of a single, perfect stem. You can add a touch of foliage and perhaps a colourful ribbon to tie it all together if you like.


Another option for your first date or if you are accompanying a lady friend to a formal dance is a corsage. Corsages come in two main types: wrist and pin on. Either way, they are modest and will act as the perfect natural accessory to compliment whatever your date is wearing.


Regardless of the occasion or how close your relationship is, the most important tip to remember is to always place your flower order in advance. You never know when your florist might get busy so an advance order will ensure maximum satisfaction.