Don’t forget to thank your Teachers

Its that time of year when schools are closing and the Summer begins. But before the Summer begins don’t forget to send your teacher a bouquet of flowers to show your gratitude for the help they have given you in this past year. Whether your a parent or a student teachers are grateful to know that there hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The bouquet doesn’t have to be large as teachers in general are grateful for any recognition they are given for all the work they have put into there jobs.

The problem that could occur is what would your teacher or your child’s teacher appreciate the most. You could come together as a group and combine your money to get your teacher a big bouquet of the freshest flowers. Or you could give you teacher the money so that she can pick something herself a bit at a time so that the gesture lasts for the full summer holidays. If you know whether the said teacher is a gardener then maybe buying a shrub or some plants that could last for years might be the right course of action. Whichever you choose flowers or plants are a great gift to give to show your appreciation.

Do you have a favourite teacher or maybe a teacher went that extra bit out of their way to help you? You can thank them with a special arrangement of flowers. You can be creative with how you choose to design the flowers dependant of the subject the teacher your giving the flowers to teaches. For example a science teacher might prefer a mossy type of flower or plant in an arrangement with pebbles and river rock. On the other hand an art teacher might prefer a fresh bouquet of flowers dazzling with many colours but with a impressive style added to it.

You decide and remember to be creative with the idea you choose to go with. Whatever you choose you can’t go far wrong with a gift of flowers.